Are you sandwiched?

You feel as though you will crash and burn if you have to pick up one more ball. You are already juggling the spouse ball, the children ball, your career ball, the very tiny ball of taking care of YOU, and then that great big ball of caring for your aging parent(s).

Welcome to the sandwich counter!

This new place we sit - sandwiched between our careers, our children, our spouses and this new role we have found ourselves facing ... that of caring for our aging parent(s). We are precariously sitting on this stool, trying to stay balanced!

Jane Marks

A recent news report stated that the issue of family care-giving is now the new normal.

I want to help you cope with that new normal! I am experiencing this new "sandwich" myself. Knowledge and support can make a huge difference - and that is what this website is all about. I want to share knowledge, support and experiences. Explore this site, connect to the resources, read my Brown Bag tips on caregiving, share your story and your coping strategies. Together we will survive.

Share your coping strategies! Email Jane with your story, and your tips or strategies for maintaining your sanity and coping with your new normal at