A message can be typical or unique. It can be entertaining as well as educational. Jane Marks shares meaningful messages in a unique way that will leave you informed and enlightened.

Jane Marks is a sought-after speaker and teacher on all aspects of dementia and caregiver challenges. As the Executive Director of the Alzheimer's Association, West Virginia Chapter for over 12 years, Jane developed a broad knowledge and a keen awareness of the impact Alzheimer's or a related dementia has on families. Jane is acknowledged by health care professionals as a subject matter expert capable of transforming a complicated set of circumstances into a person-centered solution. She is a published author of multiple journal articles on aging and Alzheimer's disease, as well creator of multiple training curriculum and she also hosted a monthly talk show on the local cable channel titled "Women's Perspective" which often focused on aging and caregiver issues. In addition to balancing her role as a non-profit executive, wife, and mother; Jane is also a caregiver for her own mother. As a result, she has personally experienced all of the challenges, obstacles, tears and frustration that so many are facing. Jane Marks is ready to share her wisdom and wit to provide a not-so-typical but memorable, and more importantly an effective and eye-opening presentation.

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HS140.15 Assisted Living Pt. 2
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